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The Compaq Big Band does not currently have any full-time openings. Please see the Substitute Instrumentalists and Vocalists section below.

General membership information:

The band holds 2.5-hour weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evenings in Marlborough, MA, and performs throughout the New England region, with most gigs being within a 2-hour radius of Boston. Average gig frequency varies from 1-2 gigs per month much of the year, with periods as busy as 3-4 gigs per month in the summer and holiday seasons. Attendance at most rehearsals and most gigs is required, with consideration given for business, family, and other music-related conflicts as they arise. The band is a nonprofit corporation ?compensation in the form of modest gig travel stipends is available.

Regular membership in the band requires attendance at most of the Wednesday night rehearsals in Marlborough, MA, and at most performances.

Gigs are generally scheduled within a 70-mile radius of Boston, MA, including the Greater Boston area, Southern New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Seacoast region, and the Greater Worcester, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, regions. Occasionally the band may perform at a location a greater driving distance away from Boston, and in those cases, expenses for overnight accommodations are provided.

Gig frequency varies with customer demand, and currently averages one to two performances per month, with the summer concert season more demanding. Most gigs are scheduled for weekend nights, but weeknight performances do occur, with most of these scheduled during the summer months.

The band is a nonprofit organization that strives to keep its costs to clients down and maintain competitiveness in the market; however, compensation in the form of travel stipends and other gig expenses is negotiable.

Regular members are generally required to assist in stage teardown after every gig, and to periodically participate in stage setup.

Substitute Instrumentalists and Vocalists

We are always looking to add high quality jazz musicians and vocalists to our substitute list. Amateur, semi-professional, and professional performers with big band experience are encouraged to contact us with their name, phone and email address information, as well as a resume of their big band experience. Those with an appropriate level of experience may be invited to rehearse with us as openings at weekly Wednesday practice sessions occur, although sometimes this happens on short notice. Those on the sub list that are available to rehearse with us are more likely to be called on as a paid sub when gig opportunities arise, and if any full-time membership positions become available.

Please direct responses and inquiries to Al Saloky at (603) 673-7683 or email alsaloky@aol.com.

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